jon whaley for erie mayor

Why am I running?
Erie has numerous problems that need addressed now -
crime, taxes, jobs, population dropping, companies leaving,
crumbling infrastructure, lack of community college, poverty, paving, plowing, and more.

Why am I the best candidate?

I have the political will to get the job done.
Plus I have the management experience, education, experience, and drive to do the job.

Why does Erie need a mayor with fresh ideas and no political baggage?
Read this 2016 Erie City Budget and see how your hard earned tax dollars are being spent....

Crime continues to grow and forces residents to move from city limits.
The business climate is dismal and the population continues to fall, now below 100,000 people.

City employees don't have job descriptions nor do they get yearly performance reivews.
The PILOT programs with non-profits will bring in less in 2016 than it did in 2012. WHY?
We run our own print shop that costs over $140,000 per year.
We sell old tax liens to an ex-finance director for $.50 on the dollar. He collects millions that should go to the city.
We had to re-hire the retired City Clerk to computerize the department he previously ran for 40 years.
Pension funds under-funded more than $71 million and it's getting worse every day.

We spend more than $5,000 per day on OVERTIME alone for police and fire departments.
$5,000 per day.

This city is not being managed, and the operations are not a priority of current administration nor council.
Taxes are raised with zero concern for tax payers and the money is being spent poorly.

And we continue to make decisions that will stifle growth and raise taxes in the coming DECADES.
Taxpayers in the year 2030 will STILL BE PAYING for paving done in 2015.
That fact alone makes this upcoming 2017 election the most important mayoral and council election in past 40 years.

i am the only candidate with management experience on the 5th floor of erie city hall.

Erie should fund a summer jobs program for Erie residents 18 and under.

All Erie City employees should reside in city limits. especially department heads.

We need body cameras for all Erie Police officers.

erie city pensions underfunded by $71,000,000

Erie should open a small business incubator.

in 2014, erie used $$$ from 2011 bonds to pay for vehicles, fees and paving.


online services from the city are non-existant

Erie needs a Community College.

bayfront development is paramount.


erie real estate taxes up 47%

unemployment and poverty are BIG business in erie.

the viaduct matters to a lot of people. 

they can't hear us in harrisburg or washington dc because no one is saying anything

links to important documents and reports

The City of Erie 2015 Budget
more than $127 million dollars being spent to run this city in one year - have you read this document?
every taxable property in Erie saw taxes raised 7% to cover the ever expanding costs associated with running this city

The Bosworth Economic report from 2001
This report gets referred to a lot, but nothing has really been done since it was published/paid for 15 years ago.

Emerge2040 Strategic Plan
The $1.8 million dollar Destination Erie Regional Plan has been named Emerge 2040: A Focused Partnership for the Erie Region’s Future.

City of Erie's Five Year Consolidated Plan (2010-2014) and Annual Plan for FY2010
Nice report but where is the "PLAN" and strategy/tactics to accomplish something?

"Best Performing Cities 2014" written/published by the Milken Institute -
this report list Erie as having 2nd worse drop of any large US city - this one got folks upset at the title but not the underlying data?

The Path Forward: A Statement on the Future of our Region by the Leaders of Erie's Universities

The Path Forward Chapter II
written by elected leaders in Erie County as planning tool for future growth in Erie region

ERA  - Erie Redevelopment Authority long range plan 2007 - 2014

Downtown Erie Master Plan for development/redevelopment - published 2007

Map of downtown Erie with planned developments - very detailed/interesting - 2007


Okay Jon, what should be done? What do you plan to do about it?

I am asking for your support and your vote in 2017.
Let's elect new leaders with new ideas and new energy. Without ties to outdated ways and without favors owed to anyone.
Elect leaders that will listen to the taxpayers and make smart decisions. Bold decisions. And in many cases, TOUGH decisions.

Let's make Erie better. Together.

Thank you,
Jon Whaley


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